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count dracula
Count Dracula
bela lugosi

Bela Lugosi star of Count Dracula

Bela Lugosi a Hungarian–American actor. In 1927, he starred as Count Dracula in a Broadway adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel. Then starred in the 1931 black-and-white, classic horror film version of Dracula. Directed by Tod Browning and produced by Universal Pictures. He continued in horror films throughout the 1930s.count dracula

Count Dracula

Count Dracula is the most famous vampire. With dark hair and pale ruddy, purplish skin. Drinking blood and staying away from the sunlight. Dracula as he is the villain that gets into our heads and under our skin. Count Dracula certainly did this. This is Bela Lugosi in his marvelous and most famous role. There is something eerie and unnerving about this Transylvanian vampire!
Count Drcuala i am dracula


I Am Dracula

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself: I am … Dracula By Steve Biodrowski. He has a great site when you have time you must vitit Hollywood Gothique


Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself: I am … Dracula You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Movie monsters know that more than anybody. Much of the genre is built upon the suspenseful build-up to the first full revelation of exactly what it is that we the viewers have paid to see and shiver over. Often, that revelation takes the form of a shock-cut and a scream – a shark with a mouthful of teeth lurching from beneath the waters, a masked killer with a knife lurching out of the shadows – but there are other, more subtle introductions as well, times when the monster ingratiates himself into our presence and even our good graces, maintaining the outward forms of civility, much as the satanic narrator of the Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil,” who sings:

Please allow me to introduce myself I am … Dracula
I am a man of wealth and taste
I’ve been around for a long, long year
Stole many a mans soul and faith


So if you meet me
Have some courtesy
Have some sympathy, and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or I’ll lay your soul to waste

The shock-form of introduction has its benefits (jump-scares are one of the reasons we go to horror movies), but the more subtle introduction has its place as well, allowing the villain to get into our head and under our skin. Consider, for example, the courtly self-introduction made by the Count in DRACULA (1931).

Bela Lugosi as the Count in DRACULA 1931

There have been quite a few memorable introductions in the history of horror movies, none more so than this marvelous entrance by Bela Lugosi in his most famous role, as the regal Transylvanian vampire. The early sound film has a slightly static quality that (perhaps inadvertently) captures the tempo of an ageless immortal who has learned to move at his own pace over the centuries of his undead existence – a facet of his personality that shines like a dark gem in the moonlight as he advances down the stairs, past cobwebs and spiders, and greets his guest Renfield (Dwight Frye) with three simple words, enunciating each individual syllable and pausing dramatically before delivering up his name:

I am … Dra-cu-la.”

You can see the line reading in the embedded video (a clever, fan-made montage) or see the intact sequence by clicking here (embedding disabled, unfortunately). I think you will agree that there is something eerie and unnerving about the way that Dracula refuses to fall into a natural conversational rhythm with Renfield, while simultaneously exuding such formal charm that Renfield is forced to act as if the situation were normal. It is the first hint of the vampire’s ability to dominate mere mortals, even without a display of overt supernatural power – and also the first sign of the vampire seductive nature, presenting an attractive persona that hides the evil nature lurking beneath the skin.

There have been many other great movie monster introductions. I won’t say that none have surpassed Lugosi’s opening salvo, but as someone who saw the film on television at an impressionable age, this is the scene that set the standard by which all others must be judged.

Let’s consider this the first salvo in an on-going, on-again off-again series of memorable opening remarks from movie madmen and monsters. Shall we call it … Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Movie Monsters Making a First Impression.


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Vampire Dracula
Vampire Bat Flying Bats Flying Bats Vampire Bat dracula film 1958

Dracula Film 1958

Hammer Films - Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee
Time: 82 minutes film in color.


Jonathan Harker goes to castle Dracula to take employment as a librarian. When he gets to the castle, he finds the hall deserted and a note explaining the host's absence. A woman in white appears and implores Harker to take her away from the castle. When Harker sees an ominous figure at the top of the stairs, none other than Count Dracula, the woman disappears, and Dracula descends. Dracula exchanges some words with Harker and then shows him to his room, locking the door behind him. It is then revealed than Harker has not come to the castle as Dracula's librarian, but as his destroyer; at the service of Van Helsing - the great vampire hunter.

Testing the door that night, Harker finds it unlocked. Investigating, he again sees the woman in white, and is bitten on the neck. When Harker awakens, he finds the bite mark on his neck.


Dracula has a menacing and complex presence. He never lets his fangs and cape dominate.

BritishHorrorFilms: You can't fault it. Forget Coppola's load of tosh, as a horror film it still works.

Classic-Horror: This film shows that Christopher Lee's Dracula is capable of equaling or even exceeding Bela Lugosi's version.


Count Dracula: I am Dracula and I welcome you to my house.

  • Directed by Terence Fisher.
  • To avoid confusion with the original Universal film, the title was changed to Horror of Dracula in the U.S.
  • Christopher Lee only speaks thirteen lines during the whole film.
  • It is the first Dracula film in the Hammer series.

  • CAST
    Peter Cushing -- Doctor Van Helsing | Christopher Lee -- Count Dracula | Michael Gough -- Arthur Holmwood | Melissa Stribling -- Mina Holmwood | Carol Marsh -- Lucy Holmwood | Olga Dickie -- Gerda | John Van Eyssen -- Jonathan Harker | Valerie Gaunt -- Vampire Woman | Janina Faye -- Tania (as Janine Faye) | Barbara Archer -- Inga | Charles Lloyd Pack -- Dr. Seward | George Merritt -- Policeman | George Woodbridge -- Landlord | George Benson -- Frontier Official | Miles Malleson -- Undertaker


    Vampire Bat
    Vampire Dracula
    Vampire Bat Flying Bats Flying Bats Vampire Bat dracula film 1972

    96 MINS, in COLOUR, HAMMER Films


    London 1872: In a deadly confrontation, Professor Lawrence van Helsing and Count Dracula do battle on top of a runaway carriage. The carriage finally crashes into a tree killing van Helsing and impaling Dracula on the spoke of a wheel. A passing gentleman collects the dust from the bones of Dracula along with his ring.

    London 1972: A group of young swingers, looking for some cheap thrills, are persuaded by Johnny Alucard to take part in a black mass. The youths meet at a local church, which is scheduled to be torn down. With Johnny leading the ceremony, he slashes his wrists and mixes it with the dust of Dracula's bones that was collected 100 years ago. He then pours it over Laura Bellows, one of the gathered youths. Seeing this Jessica, another of the contingent, freaks and makes her escape.

    The next morning, the body of Laura Bellows is found drained of blood and Professor van Helsing, grandson of Lawrence van Helsing, and grandfather to Jessica, fears that Dracula has been resurrected once again. He also fears that Dracula will be targeting Jessica...

    Christopher Lee -- Count Dracula |
    Peter Cushing -- Professor Van Helsing | Stephanie Beacham -- Jessica Van Helsing | Christopher Neame -- Johnny Alucard | Michael Coles -- Inspector | Marsha A. Hunt -- Gaynor (as Marsha Hunt) | Caroline Munro -- Laura Bellows | Janet Key -- Anna | William Ellis -- Joe Mitcham | Philip Miller -- Bob | Michael Kitchen -- Greg | David Andrews -- Detective Sergeant | Lally Bowers -- Matron Party Hostess | Constance Luttrell -- Mrs. Donnelly | Michael Daly -- Charles

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