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This site is now a team member Dragon Rider at Melrlins Castle
And this is our Spirit Page
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"It's a Great Group with plenty of Spirit!"



Merlin Castel Appoved ~ Marlins Castele
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thank you I love it


VE~Vote Exchange Wihh Us


Thanks To everyone at the Merlin Castel for all that you do.


Blessed Be Comments
~Magickal Graphics~
Here are some awards for Halloween Fun Scare Yea we won these at Merlins Castle.


Level Award tks to Merlin Castle


Level Award Thanks to Merlin Castel title=


Thanks Drag ON
I made my first dradan picute.

I made my first ultamite pait Dragon graphic
I painted my first dragon!


Team spirit for Merlin's Castle is here. Halloween Fun Scare has joined this great group. If you have a web site and want to join follow these links read there rules and let them know we sent you. Don't forget to come back and vote exchange with us. And enjoy your stay. If you word like to Vote exchange let me know here.
:0) Thank You