a ghostly scare scary Halloween lightning
star twinkling . . .Halloween Witch


Scared Poem

In the darkness we must go Our hair has turned to gray,

Beneath the shinning moon.
Throughout Halloween Fun Scare
You can feel the doom

lightening You can feel it.
But you must go, go on
And be aware
You get scared here
It's lightening
And it's frightening here lightening


Through the darkness we must go
And find the way
With shaking hands
And shaking legs The time of fear is near


I fear the time of doom is near.
Death and Despair and Despair
It's in the night air
Beneath the shinning moon.
The underworld is drawing near


With Witches brew
With spells for you
With fear along your way
We welcome you to a Halloween Fun Scare
By: Susan ~ a2000greeting


Scared Fun

Scared at Halloween Fun Scare
The time has come for you to go on your own. I am going on vacation. That means I will have to leave you to the scared corridors all alone! No more holding your hand. No more talking you through things. My friend, if your to scared to go it alone then bookmark you can always come back. But beware some thing may follow you. OK, you can see me just for a few minutes. I set up a web cam where I am going. So at least you can see me one more time. Head for the next door knob. It is not horribly hot and dark like it is here. I am bundling up to keep warm and keep from shaking. This is where I'll be! lightening scary It is lightning




I've Gone Fishing scary lightening scary lightening






Go On. ~~> This way ~~> ~~> ~~~>>... scared door trick or treats

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