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Your in

Outer Space Unknown Space

Where day meets night. We dwell in the darkest corners of cyber space? Yes, What is it. LOL, Our resident Alien has spoken. You heard if you have the sound on. Mouse move. Oh! RevolverMap alien

What was that?


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Hold on a minute. Your entering into the world of unknown space. It's time to stand up and take notice. Intense Space things are upon you, I should warn you. You may be attacked at any minute.

This unknown outer space page has a void in it, that exists between celestial bodies. Be carful go slowly. It is not completely empty, but consists of a hard vacuum containing a low density of particles. predominantly a plasma of hydrogen and helium, as well as electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, and neutrinos spiral by.


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It is a

Strange Universe

Where planets and asteroids meteors float by at the blink of an eye. We are here to explore outer space.


outer space man . robot
We have space aliens! Look out. If anything happens to me go it alone. Do not get abducted........... Oh no where did I go....





Don't move.


They are headed right this way!


Don't move. I'm not here why are you listing to....





Your invading there space.


Space, planets lurking within are the cause.




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...... OH No


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This Outer Space Video Is Great.
Outer Space Video

Outer space movie! Were glad you came to visit our strange universe at Halloween Fun Scare. Our Aliens love you to move your mouse around this, they like to fly through this strange universe.


What an amazing universe we live in, of asteroids meteors and meteorites stars constellations!


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Explore Space

Explore our world of outer space. We hope you enjoy The Outer Space Movies. This unknown planetary causes a hold that exists between celestial bodies. Thus causeds a whole into your internet connection and bounds you to crawl through all the pages of Halloween Fun Scare. It consists of a hard vacuum containing a low density of particles. And outer space movie that are the bomb! Visit this strange universe. Wicked space, outer space, unknown space, strange universe, planets and creepy pages galore.


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The first movie was an image of a sun-like star that's surrounded by spiral-arms makes scientists think that planets lurking within are the cause. Such worlds could space-scape gas and dust into arms, rings and lanes.


Take the QUIZ ON OUTER SPACE Opens in new window! Entry Designed By Nick, Reyes and Brittany, Projects by Students for Students
Take the Quiz on Outer Space Here Finalist in the 1999 ThinkQuest Junior competition, this site has information on planets, our moon, eclipses, comets, asteroids, meteors and meteorites, stars and constellations. You can also learn about American astronauts and their missions. You can find many educational and fun things to do here - quizzes, crossword puzzles and word searches.


Some estimate the age of our universe to be around 13.7 billion years.


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Space game play here. Red Space
A point-and-click adventure make it even harder and more fun to play this space game.
Description - From another planet. You're part of an intergalactic expedition, but it's looking increasingly likely that you're also going to be part of an alien monster's digestive system. Don't get scared, because it'll be really unpleasant if you pee your spacesuit in zero gravity.


Space The final Frontier A phrase originally made popular through its use in the title sequence of most episodes of the original Star Trek science fiction television series.


We recommend these great space websites: | Space Answers | Space Daily | | NASA | Space News | Hubble site | National Space Society | |

see the flash lightening


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~~> ...> ~~> ~~> ~~~>>scary door <~~ <<space treats ~~~>> Enter Here if you Dare!


Outer Limits in Space | Todays Aerospace Defense Astronomy


Thank ou for visiting our strange universe. You know we will be adding more!