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The Butcher Boy

The Butcher Boy


In Jersey City, there did dwell. The butchers boy, I loved so well. He courted me, my heart away. And then with me, he would not stay. The Butcher Boy's old Gaelic Lament and a girls love. Watch the butcher boy film. A boys violent fantasy as his family falls apart.
In Jersey City, there did dwell. The butchers boy, I loved so well. He courted me, my heart away. And then with me, he would not stay.


There was a house, in this very same town. My love would go an' set right down. An' take a strange girl upon his knee. An' tell her things that he would not tell me.


And now I'll tell you the reason why. She had more gold and silver than I. Her gold may melt, her silver will fly. And then she will be as poor as I.


Her Mother, she, did come in late. Inquired, what ails my daughter, Kate? She went upstairs, the door she broke. And found her hanging by a rope.


Oh, Mother dear, I cannot tell. the butchers boy, I love so well. He courted me, my heart away. An' then with me, he would not stay.


Oh, dig my grave, both wide and deep. Put a marble stone at my head and feet. Upon my breast place the snow white dove. To prove to the world, I died in love!


The Butcher Boy old Gaelic Lament


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The Butcher Boy Film is about


The Butcher Boy delves into the mind of Francie Brady, a boy who lives in Ireland. As his family falls apart, he begins to blame his neighbor, Ms. Nugent. Slowly, Francie's dislike for her grows into an unhealthy obsession.


A 12-year-old boy who retreats into a violent fantasy world to escape the reality of his dysfunctional family; as his circumstances worsen, his sanity deteriorates and he begins acting out, with increasing brutality. The film won the Silver Bear for Best Director at the 48th Berlin International Film Festival in 1998 and a Special Mention for Owens' "astonishing lead". It also won the European Film Award for Best Cinematographer for Adrian Biddle. The Butcher Boy is Neil Jordan's tenth feature film and Geffen Pictures' final production.


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