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Go Slow! B00, (SOUND) Get ready for some Halloween Fun.

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Wow thank you Karen and horrorfind I am very happy to have won th Autographed Necroscope II Book!

Hi, Congratulations! You're a winner in the February Contest. The prize you have won is a 'Necroscope II Book Autographed' Your prize will be shipped out to you this week. Be sure to tell all your fiends about our new contests each month.
Thank you! Susan ~Halloweenfunscare




Batavia Costume
Batavia, mistress of the night. Tingle your senses with this bat inspired quality costume. Truly made with the highest quality standards, this black, grey and white gown is a cleavage enhancing delight with sexy gloves and bat wing detail. Women's size S, M, L, and XL.

Martha Washington Costume
Includes period dress and cap. Available in women's sizes S, M and L.

B00oo, Frighteningly Halloween. Just insane scary fun.
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