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Vamp fangs
Make Long Vampire Fangs - Halloween Fun Scare

Make Long Vampire Fangs

Published by Susan Flory on

Last Updated 10/23/2020 Fangs. Make the long vampire fangs in this manner. Because this is the fastest way to make Vampire teeth.


By: Illuminati
Greetings! Vampire Fangs. Oh I mean Fans! Here's how I make custom-fitted fangs. Everything I say here is my own personal preference for what seems to work; feel free to disregard anything or everything, and experiment on your own. I'd be interested in hearing about any improvements in the technique which you might develop.


My original fangs were patterned after those discussed by Tom Savini in his excellent book, GRANDE ILLUSIONS. The teeth he describes are, unfortunately, quite time-consuming to manufacture, and it's difficult to speak with them in (all of your front teeth, and much of your palate, are covered up with his method, as opposed to just your canines).


The fangs described herein are the results of my own experimentation. There are two types of fangs that I make: I will describe each in detail. One type is really a subset of the other, so I'll describe it first.


First, however, you must cast your own teeth in plaster. For this operation, you will need the following materials:


Alginate impression material (JELTRATE, Type I [fast set]) Plaster or casting stone (WHITE CASTONE, Type III) Two paper cups Two plastic spoons Water Dental casting tray (a "partial" tray is sufficient) The cap of a Bic pen (the clear, hexagonal pen with a bullet-shaped cap)


I recommend the fast-set alginate because you don't need to keep it in your mouth as long, and it has a pleasant minty taste. :-) Type II, while adequate, requires you to keep your mouth immobile for longer, and it tastes like rubber. NOTE: Quantities given here are measured for a partial tray. For other tray sizes, increase the measurements accordingly, as listed on the jar of Jeltrate.


As the operation of casting teeth can be messy, I recommend spreading a dropcloth, newspapers, paper towels, or other such things.


Put one scoop of Jeltrate into one paper cup, and about twice as much plaster in the second. Put 19 mL of water into the cup of Jeltrate and stir it with a plastic spoon until it's creamy, and no longer has any lumps of unmixed powder. Pour the Jeltrate into the casting tray, making sure there's an even distribution. Ideally, the Jeltrate should come to the top of the tray.


Tilt your head FORWARD, and put the tray into your mouth, keeping the edges of the tray equidistant from your teeth. Don't let your teeth actually touch the bottom of the tray if you can help it. Some of the Jeltrate will ooze out. (If your head isn't tilted forward, the Jeltrate will ooze into your throat and solidify.) The higher up on your gums the Jeltrate covers, the better.


Keep your mouth as immobile as possible. While doing so, add water to the plaster or casting stone, and mix it with the other spoon until the plaster is at a fairly creamy consistency. Use cold water, to keep the plaster from hardening immediately.


After the Jeltrate is no longer sticky, leave it in your mouth for about a minute. Then wiggle the casting tray around for a few seconds and pull downwards to remove it from your mouth.


Pour the plaster in, making especially certain that no bubbles form in the tooth impressions! I use the cap of a Bic pen to press the plaster into the points of the canines (use the rounded "clip" part that's supposed to keep the pen in a pocket) and get out all of the bubbles.


Make sure the plaster fills the impression completely. Now let it dry for a couple of hours. Watch your favorite vampire movie or something. :-) Remove from the mold, which you may then throw away. If you wish to re-use the mold, keep it wrapped in a wet paper towel in the fridge while you prepare more plaster (otherwise the mold will shrink).


Fastest Way To Make Vampire Teeth

Tooth style 1
This is the fastest way to make Vampire teeth. The teeth fit on over your own canines, and require denture adhesive such as Super Poly-Grip to keep them on. (Really disgusting stuff.) It's easy to talk with these fangs in, though you can't really eat anything, and you have to use more adhesive every once in a while.


Take the plaster mold and cover the canine teeth, and the surrounding teeth and gums, with COE-sep (or other liquid "tinfoil substitute"). Rub it on your fingers, too, otherwise the dental polymers will stick to them.


Take a pile of dental monomer (resin powder) and put it on a piece of tinfoil or other non-absorbent, non-plastic surface. Using an eyedropper, thoroughly moisten the powder with the clear polymer liquid. Roll the resulting mass between your fingers into a rough fang shape, moistening it whenever it becomes too dry or starts to stick to your fingers, and adding more powder to increase its size.


Press the fang onto the canine (or outer incisor, if you're trying for the "Lost Boys" look), and work the edges so that they come up to the gum line. Don't worry if they go past the gum line; you'll be fixing that later.


Moisten the fang whenever it gets hard to work. Shape it as you desire, but my advice is not to make it curve inwards too much. Yes, it looks wicked, but it's impossible to close your mouth!


Take the pen cap that I mentioned earlier, and use it like a knife to cut away any excess plastic past the gum line. You CAN use a knife if you wish, but the relatively soft plastic of the pen cap won't scar the plaster (which you can then use again to make more fangs).


Make the walls of the fang relatively thin, especially on the back side. If you leave them thick, it'll be hard to close your jaws, and you may have a tough time talking with them in.


Duplicate the process on the other side, making it match as closely as possible. Allow the teeth to dry, preferably overnight. Remove them from the plaster cast carefully! (Scraping a broken-off plaster tooth from the inside of a fang is a tedious process.) Clean them thoroughly with a toothbrush. They may taste strange at first; the taste will wear off.


There may be some "flash", or excess plastic, around the edges of the fang. Trim with an X-acto knife. Try them on. If the edges are too thick, use a fine file to reduce the thickness until they're paper thin. If there are any irregularities or bumps in the fangs, use the file to smooth them out.


Put some denture adhesive on the inside, along the BACK edge. (The plastic will be somewhat translucent; if the adhesive is colored (as is Super Poly- Grip) it will show through if you put it inside the front edge.)

Make Vampire Teeth

Tooth style 2 Fastest way to make Vampire teeth.
This style includes gums made of dental polymer. They require no adhesive to stay in; you can sneeze violently or even EAT some things, and they'll stay in. The drawback to them is that, as your teeth DO tend to shift, you may be required to make a new pair every so often. It's also more difficult to say S and Z sounds while wearing them, though this can be overcome with a little bit of practice.


Make the fangs in the same manner as above, but at the point where you're supposed to let them dry, you'll do this:
Custome Vampire Teeth
Sprinkle a layer of the powder on the plaster gums. Using another eyedropper (or the same one, if you clean it), cover the powder with the pink liquid polymer. Repeat this process until you've built up some pink plastic gums. You'll have to scrape away plastic from the surrounding teeth, with your trusty pen cap. The plastic gums don't have to be TOO thick, but the thicker they are, the sturdier they'll be. Make sure the last layer is a good dose of the pink liquid, to avoid bubbles.


Repeat the process on the ridge of the palate behind the teeth. It doesn't have to extend too far back; I usually extend it to just before the palate angles up towards the roof of the mouth.


Let it dry. I've heard that pressure-cooking the whole thing for a few minutes gives it a nice shiny surface, but I haven't been able to try that.


Remove carefully. Trim the flash. Wash with a toothbrush. Take off all sharp edges of the gums with an X-acto knive, and sand down all of the outer edges so they're extremely thin (that way, the gums will blend in with your own).


Try them on. They may be a bit tight at first, but they seem to expand after a while. Swish some water around in your mouth, to get out any bubbles between the plastic and your real gums. The bottom edge should hug your real gum-line, and it should look like there's nothing there at all. If the bottom edge comes a little too far down, simply trim it a bit with an X-acto knife, and bevel it so the edge doesn't show.


Now go out and frighten someone. :-)


Fangs Make Long Fangs, By: Illuminati
vampire head fangs
Vamire Head With Fangs

Vamp fangs


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