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Dance at Halloween Fun Scare

skeletons dance skeletons dance skeletons dancepumpkin dance
Dancing Corpses< /br> skeletons dance skeletons dance skeletons dancepumpkin dance


Dance of Death


Fiddle and Dance Danza Macbre



Danza Macbre



blood dropped


The Danse Macbre Movie,



Music Video Danse MacbreYoung scary musicians fiddles around the dance floor. An artistic view. Fiddle and dance Love feels his uncanny breath and swoons. Countess Danse, Music video dance, dance kiss of horror with scary love. Then runs from the ghostly ghouls and goblins. While the rooster crows and the sun comes up. A relief from spirits grows.



scary bones Want to dance? Enjoy.


Dance of Death

Dance of Death
1493 by Michael Wolgemut, from the Liber chronicarum by Hartmann Schedel.
Its origins are postulated from illustrated sermon texts; the earliest recorded visual scheme was a now lost mural in the Saints Innocents Cemetery in Paris dating from 142425.
An artistic genre of late medieval allegory on the universality of death. No matter one's station in life, the Dance of Death unites all. The dead or personified Death summoning representatives from all walks of life to dance along to the grave, typically with a pope, emperor, king, child, and labourer. They were produced to remind people of the fragility of their lives and how vain were the glories of earthly life.

We do fiddle and dance

skeletons dance skeletons dance skeletons dancepumpkin dance



Dancing Corpses
Dancing Corpses


pumpkin dance



~~> ...> ~~> ~~> ~~~>>Door of Screams <~~ trick or treater


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