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Go Slow! B00, (SOUND) Get ready for some Halloween Fun.

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About Halloween Fun Scare

Modified October 11, 2019 We have sound! It's sbout Halloween Fun Scare International Online Haunted House. Home spun website at it's best! This international online haunted house is a gateway to a horror celebration. Here you will meet Halloweens Spooky Webmistress. All things scary here! Entertainment scare, for we are playing goulish pranks on the residents and visitors. And here we will tell you a little bit about home spun Halloween. We know you 'll understand the level of insanity here. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! And 13 is truly our lucky number! It is nightfall all the time. And the sound as you go though the site is allways changing.


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Haunted House Online International About Us

witch stiring cauldrenFirst we thank all that has been following us since the 90's you added us to your bookmarks and that is what has saved us. Thank you! Thanks All for keeping us alive! We will fight for freedom. Here is where we started. Halloween Fun Scare We sure have come a long way. So thank you again, your like the underground. We love you! Anyway, we just can't seem to say enough about you. But this page is supposed to be about us. More About Halloween Fun Scare An International Online Haunted House horror web We are glad you have stepped into our Halloween home spun Web site. Haloween Fun Scare is bad to the bone. Mostly hand written. No kidding most of the code is hand written. We have no need for a template and the website is loading fast. Search engines have a hard time seeing things flying and back wholes and cats walking backwards. The art of making a scary website is probobly harder than making a movie. So we have added real life things for the engines to pick up since they have a hard time seeing some tings. We have got to keep them happy to. They expecally do not understand when there is a spike in traffic in October. It seems we are told we are bad to the bone becuase spikes in traffic are unnatural. Hope you link to to us and help the unnatural. LOL Enjoy!


Ghoulish wonders all year long. Here there is nothing wrong with your internet. We just transform your Horror Rising! LOL


Some people say they get lost in or about this virtual online haunted house. And stay longer then expected.


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About Horror Halloween Fun Scare As our site grows and takes full effect. We try to inhabit your internet by both helping and by doing chores at night all year round. And of corpse, I mean of corse we play pranks on the residents. Our frieds say we sometimes have some dry humor that they like. Our horror web is something more dreary and monstrous weird with lots of extras we tempt and lure all.


The site map below will show you hidden pages you will not find by clicking the scary doors headed to the creepy long corridors of our online goolish spook walk. Take your time or you will miss some good stuff. We got a letter from a visitor that stated he rushed through a page and when he checked back he laughed and was very surprised and excited to see what he missed. Feedback and helping hands are always welcome. We love to add new things and maybe your related things! We have stories and information on haunted castles. With pages about people throughout history. And lots more.


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Meet Halloweens Spooky Webmistress

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