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Go Slow! B00, (SOUND) Get ready for some Halloween Fun.

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About Halloween Fun Scare An International Online Haunted House

About Halloween Fun Scare An International Online Haunted House

It's about Halloween at it's best! All things Halloween here! This is a home spun website. A gateway for a horror celebration. We are playing goulish pranks on the residents. In England we are called "brownie"; Germany our goolish ways are "kobald"; and in Russia it is a "domovik". As we tempt and lure all.


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A Little About Halloween Fun Scare

horror web Were glad you stepped into our Halloween home spun website. Halloween Fun Scare is not just a virtual international online haunted house with ghoulish wonders all year long. Those with the Halloween spirit and imagination do enjoy Halloween to be spooky as it does remain safe here. Here there is nother wrong with your internet. We just transform your horizons. Horror Rize!


Now your in this house of Halloween spirit. Some people say they get lost in or about this Virtual haunted house. And stay longer then expected so they have bookmarked where they left off. OK :0) We like that.


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About Halloween Fun Scare for all all year round

As our site grows and takes full effect. We try to inhabit your internet by both helping and by doing chores at night. And of corpse, corse. Oh, I mean of course playing pranks on the residents. LOL, our frieds say we have some dry humor. I wonder why. Our horror web is something more dreary and monstrous weird with lots of extras we tempt and lure all.


The site map below will show you hidden pages you will not find by clicking the scary doors headed to the creepy long corridors of our online goolish spook walk. Take your time or you will miss some good stuff. We got a letter from a visitor that stated he rushed through a page and when he checked back he laughed and was very surprised and excited to see what he missed. Feedback and helping hands are always welcome. We love to add new things and maybe your related things! We have stories and information on haunted castles. With pages about people throughout history. And lots more.


And this is Our Web Site Guardian. She came out looking like my mom.
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About Halloween Fun Scares Website Caretaker

Now let me rise from my Crypt and shake off the dirt. I am absolutely batty that your here. As you get to know my level of insanity. I will grow on you. Really I like lurking websites and blogs whenever possible. You never know where I'll be. Not to mention my bewitching outfit! I am allways showing off my Halloween Spirit. I believe th


With most of the website code written by hand. We need no template. I believe the holiday goes wherever your imagination takes you. My avorite quotes are 'He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.' ~ Muhammad Ali ~ “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” ~ Mother Teresa ~
A woman is like a teabag---only in hot water do you realize how strong she is. ~ Nancy Reagan ~



When my youngest daughter was little and in her car seat in a extra bucketseat of my old 63 Chevy Panel Truck that we called old blue. I had an extra bucket seat put in the middle just behind the two front seats. She could see like she was driving. When this song came on whe would scream. "Turn It Up"! I think she takes after me.


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Welcome to the Halloween Fun Scare's Grand Foyer

halloween grand foyer


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Oh, where are my manners. Drink Here enjoy this drink. Drink up it is good! Your welcome. Have some more. Don't worry that feeling that things are not quite clear. Or maybe your are not alone? This place here, make no mistake this is a forbidding, yes a foreboding place. I got to love you, so trusting. I conjured up an eyeball voodoo surprise cocktail just for you. This drink may generate hallucinations and disturbing distortions with mad perceptions. Such as altered states of awareness, and occasionally a profound sense of intensified sensory perception.


Opps, I should have told you that before you drank that.

Beware our dog Jackson is lurking about somewhere. He is a pit bull!


crest shield I took the quiz that was interesting. They said I am an animal. They got that part right. LOL A Griffin.

A Griffin is a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle's talons as its front feet. Because the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle the king of birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. The griffin was also thought of as king of all creatures. Griffins are known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions. You are a griffin strong and graceful. To Take This Quiz What mystical animal are you? Sorry it is no longer there.
The Qiz


Canadian Thistle
As you can see Halloween fun scare is growing like a weed! They say it is like a Canada Thistle. No kidding! I took the, what flower are you test! A Canadian Thistle is a perennial broadleaved weed with creeping roots. Wow they got us creepy and creeping. LOL

Did you get an eerie feeling again. In America weeds do grow in some places. They are not all eradicated! Why because this is America home of the free. Watch out google we might grow on you. Looks like its working.




Wow, would love to go here. Maybe you could take me some day.
star The Le_grand_foyer
The most famous opera house in the world! Palais Garnier
Opera house of Paris, originally called the Salle des Capucines. Now named the Palais Garnier. The grand organ was built by the Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.


It was said that of the Grand organ in the Opera house, the people did not enjoy the organs gospel music. Maybe if a lost soul played scary organ music they would have loved it! I know we would have. Imagine that.
Halloween Fun Scare Is Home Spun
Happy Halloween.


This is Halloween, made by:EvalAce360


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spooky night
Spooky Night By Wisper


About Us & Our Pages
I just love, love. Love Halloween! As a kid I enjoyed elaborate costumes and roaming the neighborhood for grand spooky night.


Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows. By: Jennifer Unlimited.


Moz Rank 5.61


We will be adding more information about us. As the nightmare begins. B00, Frighteningly Halloween. Just insane scary fun. Strange ghosts, ghouls and goblins in the dark evil corridors. Phenomenon and unexplained events. Hauntings of horror. Dead rising, Vampires, metal gothic and ghostly shadows. All you shall see. Stop by for a trick or treat at Halloween Fun Scare!


Aaround here. Nightfall sets in as we focus on the scary path and you ease through the scary door. Yes we have one. What awaits you behind this ominous door, you will see. Happy Trick Or Treating! We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! And 13 is truly our lucky number! No kidding! You can help please, by sharing and bookmarking us. Thank you. see the lighteningMore of this terrifying, dark and creepy site lies beyond this door. If you dare. see the lightening

About Us


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Glad you stepped into our web.
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We won the spider web award.
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I guess where just bad to the bone here! Coz we never give up. Halloween Fun Scare about, Halloween home spun, About us Halloween, Creeped out, The Grand Foyer, Dreary, monstrous and weird, Gateway for horror, Bad To The Bone, terrifying, dark and creepy, Opera house of Paris, Le_grand_foyer picture, Information about us, Organ music, Halloween Fun Scare about us, Bad to the bone, Home spun website, Bookmark Halloween. Ty


Bad To The Bone by George Thorogood


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Halloween Fun Scare is Home Spun


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point this way I am already getting that fearful of apprehension. Try not to get lost. Use the doors, all doors work if not someone must be holding on to it from the other side. Keep trying they do work!

If you would. Or if you missed the first door, you can check yourself in on our home page. You can get another drink and a warm hello. This site is truly home spun Enjoy.


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Thank ou for visiting this bizarrely frequently visited and frighteningly scary virtual haunted house, has you lurking into our madness. You know you are. Here we try to mix the real with the unreal. It is like mixing the dead with the undead. You will see as you wander through this web site. The sun has set and the night is dark and cold. The fear escalates as the mind struggles. Some of the site has sound that amplifies the atmosphere. So turn your sound on.

Open all year round, a scary place where things do seem a little amiss! You know we will be adding more!

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The voices told me you were coming! And that you are sitting quietly. So follow the links below as we temp And control all that you see and hear. Boo!


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Dracula ***** Vampire at Halloween Fun Scare
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***** Lizzie Borden and The House in Fall River Massachusetts *****


Check out Dorothy Parker A fun loving woman and artist! And others like her that were mistreated because at the time it was the popular thing to do. This woman had many friends and she was very artistic. But she got blacklisted. ***** Dracula - Dracula Lives Halloween Fun Scare ****** The Butcher Boy ***** How Creepy Is this. Robert the Doll ***** Barbados Vault ***** HMS Orion ***** China Doll ***** The Flying Dutchman


Harold Shipman Prolific Serial Killer ***** Psychopaths Have Feelings: Can They Learn How To Use Them *****


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Great place to watch Farmhouse Full Movie & Farmhouse Full Movie 2


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Disorder in the Court Joke



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The Black Cauldron Word Puzzle Game ***** Lots of Slots GamesPlay Free Fun Online Casino Games. Sign up for games and compete free for high scores against other players. Join free no download play online games. ***** Accursed Castle Slot Game Free Play Stand along quick play game ***** Fun Pumpkin game free to play See how quick you can grab the pumpkins ***** Halloween Word Search Puzzle Game ***** Play A Game ***** Game Two ***** Halloween Fun Scare Puzzles


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***** I have gone fishing. This is the end of my work at Halloween Fun Scare and I have gone fishing. (This one always cracks me up!)*****


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Halloween Fun Scare International On Line Haunted House is luring you with the magic of the night, and the uniquely creative & strange ways that we have fun. We conjure a fun Halloween. This will have you wanting more as our site grows and takes full effect. "We've Got The Spirit"
Best Witches, I mean best Wishes. Susan
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