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Two Faces No Brains. Have you ever, or perhaps even now, been associated with people who have honey dripping from their mouths while you sit in their presence?
Only to learn afterwards that these folks wear two faces, and discuss behind your back with family and friends, all the negative things that they believe is wrong with you, and that you need to change? How uncool is that!
Here's a little story about folks with two faces but no brains. Enjoy :)
By Valentine


Two Faces No Brains


Will my real true friend please take a bow,
I've been disillusioned by your words somehow,
Yesterday I was the best that you've known,
But today, two faced seeds you have sown.


Are you threatened by the fact that I will not bend,
Not carrying out all the ideas you lend,
Does it irk you that I stand on my own two feet,
Walk my path and not that of your beat?


One day you place such kind words in my hand,
And on the next, tell your friends that you can't understand,
What it is about me that you just can't believe,
Is it because of all the things I've achieved?


You appear quite genuine while seated at my place,
But your two faces appear wiping out any trace
Of the love or the kindness that you just spoke about,
The next day you condemn me with words from your mouth.


Can you not just accept the person that is me,
And realize that I too have a will that is free,
I do not talk about you or criticize what you do,
The least I expect is the same treatment from you.


While I sit in your midst you become soft like mush,
When you're behind my back your words turn to cuss,
Why are you so weak and dishearten to see,
That perhaps what you do is simply not right for me.


Here is the way I see our friendship right now,
You can expect me to say hello but never will I bow,
I will continue to represent the person who is me,
While you on the other hand, may never truly see.




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