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black cat scare
Black Magic Cat

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Black Magic Cat Stroy

Story by Susan Flory for Halloween Fun Scare
Black Magic Cat

Black Magic Cat Story


As I whisper of things I can not speak
It is quite extraordinary.
I find myself out in the darkness
of the wooded street that is silent now.

But just a little while ago
The clouds were not above.
And the moon was shinning so brightly
and full as it could be
It lit the way for all to see.


The goblins and ghosts and
small little green beings
With dark bags by there side.
Before our very eyes these little
creatures marched. I could see the creature of
past and legends that be.

If it's not one thing its another,
The creepy storm had crept up
So fast that one could not hear
the crying of the one behind that big tree
As the lightning cracked so load
and the rain began
I could hear.
"Now don't be scared" I heard them say
As the little goblins and ghouls
began to scream and run.

As the little children were aroused.
They were led away. With flash lights and
candles they were advised to run through the horror
of nature. And the mystery of the scare remained with us.

All was quiet now as they cleared away
Then the crying started again and stayed.
We realized we were back where we started
It was
the one behind the tree
And in the darkness we shook
And Shook
And then
And Then!

It did appear
It did!
With green eyes and all
Yes its really heading toward us

You think, but no time, it's creepy cry is not enough
It was creeping and creeping!
It is all ll black it was hard to see.
Can you imagine. Run. Like all others before. Or scream
Scream like all
Oh dear oh no
Its moving
What are we to do? I am glad you were here with me but now I am gone.
I ran
2 scared you don't want to be alone.

You think, Well, thanks a lot what help
you are afraid. I wonder did it get you. Oh no.
Oh the moaning is getting louder.
Help please please help...

The Black magic cat is so much fun.



It's only the black cat next door.
black cat Ha ha Hew. I think I got you.
Happy Halloween!
Black Magic Cat Story By: Susan Flory

me cute
It's me Susan. So cute I am at my desk top!


Bookmark and stop on by Halloween week for our yearly spook walk! Thank You for Stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this Magic Cat Story about the black cat next door the one behind the tree.

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