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bats flying

Top Ten Advantages Of Being A Vampire...

10.) You can party all night and sleep all day.

9.) Unlimited snack opportunities -- the world is your wet bar.

8.) Black cape adds a nice touch of drama while hiding figure flaws.

7.) Sharp fangs eliminate the need for can openers and some power tools.

6.) Ability to change into a bat is handy when someone comes calling.

5.) No long waits at crowded airports.

4.) Always a big winner at the "Guess Your Age" booth at county fairs.

3.) Sexy Transylvanian accent makes even the lamest pick-up lines sound interesting.

2.) No more problems brushing your hair.

And the number one advantage...

1.) "No more worry that people will think you have gone batty.

Vampire Advantages

Get Reay. I'll be by tonight.


This Song Performed By: Ernesto Lecuona 1895-1963, Sequencer: Eleanor Adams 1928-2002


Vampire Fight Motion Picture Video

VAMPIRE FIGHT 3D animation by sodius


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