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Halloween Fun Scare is Fantasy Leagues Approved

This is the approval graphic the League has given us.
Fantasy Leagues Approved
Halloween Fun Scare is on a team presented in a Web Leagues competition. This page is dedicated to that Fantasy League. The Fantasy Team Leagues are a group of webmaster around the net who enjoy contact with each other and there websites. We are all friends in this mystical, magical fantasy realm. And they have fairy people that dust our Guestbooks. There is regular visits and awards. They have teams, thus far Halloween Fun Scare has not been in any VEs but has joined a team called Vampire Volta. Due to lack of time. But I do enjoy the teams and the people in the Web Leagues. There teams are also Pegasus Pride, Mysterious Mermaids, Upper Levels consist of Elf Wood, Darco's Drawridge, Gates o the Gargoyles and Centaur's Castle. Special thanks to all those who take the time to run manage and make friends. Not to leave out there lovely art, gifts and graphics you can see below. Some are awards Halloween Fun Scare has won. And others are gifts from the leauges. Some are team grqphics. They are gorey but lovely in my eyes. This is one of the pages I go to when I want to route for my friends and there websites. WTG all!
You can see the webleagues here.
Tell them Susan or Halloween Fun sent you.


The fantasy Leagues Batavia Vampire Volta
Halloween Fun Scare has Spirit!


Fantasy League Blinky


Thanks ot Team Vampire Volta for the Spirit Awards
Halloween Spirit
And We Won This Trivia award. It was fun! Thanks.
Trivia Award


We have team Spirit I cheer for my team mates
see the flashlightening Team Cheered



Level Winning for Halloween Scare
Level Winnings for Halloween Fun Scare Level Winnings for Halloween Fun Scare Immortal Winner Team Level Win

Team Level Win
Team Level 1 Win For Halloween Fun Scare


Wow, How fast time goes by when your having fun.
Thanks for all the great awards I am adding them through out the site. I love the beautiful art work you have put into these scary awards. They are 2 cool. And I have been enjoying your web sites and friendships. Thank you, you are the best.
There is more! I will be uploading soon. Best Witches,
Susan~HalloweenFun and